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Establishing a social media presence has become a check-box item, a necessary part of building visibility and connecting with over 2 billion social media users worldwide.  Social media is not just about generating awareness anymore, it is about generating revenue.  The most effective brands already know this, and they are getting ahead.

Social media lives in its own category and requires constant attention and resources.  It evolves daily and customer demand requires your brand’s presence to be strong and engaged.  Wingspan Social empowers you to turn fans and followers into advocates.  Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to earn and re-earn trust.

Wingspan Social can help you develop a custom social media strategy focused on your specific goals.  We can then administer your social media accounts and do the cultivation for you, or simply help you create profiles and establish a presence on the social media channels that are most aligned with your customers.

With Wingspan Social managing these services for your business, social media marketing is simple, accessible, affordable, scalable and extremely effective.